Monday, June 28, 2010

What Women Want!

“Women, I tell you…are the most confused creatures ever born. They don’t do what you expect them to do, and we don’t understand what they want us to do.” Okay, I’m tired of hearing this over and over again from different guys in different situations, but the moral is just the same…women have no idea of what they want from men. Now I, being a woman myself, beg to differ. Women have a pretty clear idea of what they want, it’s just that guys are incapable of figuring that out!!

Now I’ve also seen that guys have some conventional ideas regarding what we want. Say for example, we love shopping. Yeah yeah, we do…big deal guys?? And we DO love dressing up, thank you. That’s just because we love looking good. And looking good is feeling good, right?? Who would you ogle at if we didn’t have the looks to kill?

Girls love their friends as much as guys do. Contrary to popular belief, we don’t ditch our friends on the slightest pretext. We laugh our hearts out, share our secrets, enjoy and cry together.

I’ve also heard some guys hinting about our love for gossip. That’s still acceptable, but when someone terms that as ‘bitching’, we definitely don’t agree. And yeah, just because some girl hasn’t accepted your offer to go out for coffee…you can’t just tag all of us as snobs. Rather, you need to check if you have bad breath!

Now comes the most confusing part…what do girls want from their partners? Guys, you don’t need to be rocket scientists to figure that out; you just need to be more understanding. So, read on.

Girls are loveable beings and they crave for love. A girl will always want her partner to love her more than anything else in the universe…to listen to her woes, to hold her hand when she’s blue, to wipe her tears when she’s hurt. In short, we want our guys to care for us. She knows that you love her, but you need to tell her that time and again, she loves it when you do that. She loves it when you introduce her to your friends, when you respect her family as much as you respect her, when you offer to drop her home if it’s late, when you smile at her without reason and place a sudden kiss on her cheeks. Girls love to be loved, and they can love you back just as much. Maybe more!

There are also certain things which girls don’t want their partners to do. Two-timing, lying and cheating top the list. Lust is also a strict no-no. A girl would certainly be disgusted if she goes out with you and you stare less at her face and more at her…you-know-what. We hate it if you don’t understand us and that’s what leads to all the fights(sighs). And when we’re hurt and our eyes are wet, we don’t want you to term us as ‘cry-babies’. Respect our emotions, guys. We hate it if you gape at girls in hot pants when we are with you (and also when we aren’t). A girl most certainly will not like it if you neglect her when you’re at your friend’s place, too busy watching soccer and sipping beer. And yeah, you should never be messy and unclean when you’re around us. That doesn’t sound too hard, does it??!

So that’s just about everything a woman wants. Or is it?? It’s my point of view anyway, and as you know, this can’t be generalized to all women. But hey, I’m not wrong, my girls, am I??

P.S. This is my very first post, and I wrote this to participate in the Blogadda contest.